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Agile Teams collaborator Petra Bj√∂rndal recently traveled to SEAFOOD (Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development) 2010 to present our GSD Collaboration team’s paper on “Global Software Development: A Case Study”. She noted that the conference was small but interesting, with several papers describing novel approaches to task allocation and knowledge management. The SEAFOOD 2010 program included keynotes by Richard Soley and Bertrand Meyer, and closed with a discussion on SEMAT by Ivar Jacobson.

Petra’s slides can now be downloaded from the conference site here, or from the Agile Teams publications area. The papers from SEAFOOD are published through Springer (if you’d like to read ours, drop us a note).

Our GSD Collaboration research team also has a paper accepted at ICGSE 2010, on “Causal Analysis of Factors Governing Collaboration among Global Software Development Teams”. We’re looking forward to further discussions in Princeton on how to help globally distributed development teams be more effective!